Swimming For Fitness And Safety – For New And Returning Swimmers

woman swimming in poolSwimming is one of the best ways to get fit, lose weight, and can give you a valuable ability that could potentially save your life, or help to save someone else’s in the future. This is why we have created this guide for new swimmers and those people who don’t swim regularly, to allow them to get back into the water prepared and informed.

New Swimmers

If you have never been swimming before, it is very important to learn how, not only for your own safety, but for the safety of others as explained later. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, and is relatively common, especially if you don’t live near the coast or any large bodies of water like a lake or perhaps just haven’t got access to many pools. However the best place to learn is at your local public pool where you can attend basic swimming lessons to allow you to get confident in the pool and comfortable swimming the various styles.

Saving Lives

Not only is swimming great for your overall health, but is possibly one of the best skills to have after basic CPR training for potentially saving someone’s life. A shocking number of people drown every year worldwide simply because they don’t know how to swim, making this is a vitally important skill that everyone should have and would help to drastically reduce the number of deaths.

Returning Swimmers

If you already know how to swim, then congratulations, you are in quite a privileged position given that most people in the world don’t know how to swim. However if you are one of the many people who know how to swim but rarely actually do it then fear not, you are not alone, and hopefully we can give you the  motivation to get back in the pool regularly.

In terms of cardiovascular exercise, swimming has huge potential for burning calories and improving your stamina, simply because it requires the use of your whole body.

Getting Back Into The Pool

For those of you who haven’t been swimming in a long time then there are several ways you can ease yourself back and regain your confidence in the pool. The best way in my opinion is to purchase your own pool, don’t worry I’m not talking about the in-ground pools that can cost tens of thousands of dollars, but an above ground pool that is a fraction of the price. Just look at some above ground pool reviews to find the best one for swimming and fits your budget.

The other advantage of having your own pool, especially for getting back into shape is that you won’t feel self-conscious about your body, which can be a major barrier for people  who don’t like swimming in public, the same way many people can feel intimidated when trying to lose weight at the gym.

Finding A Good Swimming Pool

For those of you who may be looking for your own above ground pool for swimming, there are generally two options available, first you can get a large rectangular pool that is deep enough to swim lengths, or you could get a smaller pool like the Fitmax iPool and swim with the use of a harness.