Beginners Guide to Rowing Machines

waterrower rowingThere is absolutely nothing quite like hitting the rowing machine a few times a week to absolutely transform your physique, your strength, and your endurance – provided that you know exactly what you’re supposed to do.

Rowing machines, for whatever reason, are considered to be one of the more “intimidating” pieces of gym equipment you’re going to find. People avoid trying to get started with rowing machines for any different number of reasons, but the overwhelming majority of folks avoid this somewhat complicated piece of equivalent simply because they’re not sure how to get started. For anyone looking to get started with their own rowing machine check out some rowing machine reviews for some great starter models.

Because it can be almost too easy to “go off the rails” while using a rowing machine, here are just a few tips, tricks, and tactics you’re going to want to rely on when leveraging the rowing machine.

Rowing machines are all about proper posture

Though there are any different number of things that you’ll want to focus on to get the very most out of your rowing machine exercise, the truth of the matter is you’re going to be able to get at least 80% of your results just by perfecting the posture that you use moving forward.

Too terribly many people try to bend forward and almost yank the rowing machine act towards them – bending at their lower back and trying to pull everything back at you.

This is 100% incorrect, and will not only lead to limited results, but could also potentially lead to absolutely terrible back pain, stress and strain all over your body, and even some pretty serious injuries if you are doing this for longer periods of time.

What you’re going to want to do is instead try to “lock” your lower back without actually locking it up, pulling the machine with your arms, your shoulders, and your legs all driving you back instead of yanking your upper body towards you. This is going to make a world of difference.

Secondly, make sure that you’re using the right amount of resistance

The next thing that you’re going to want to tackle is making sure that you are using the right amount of resistance. Too many people see the machine as a bit of a challenge to blow through, rather than a piece of equipment that can help you get your fitness level through the roof with relative ease – if you allow it to.

What you’re going to want to do is create just enough resistance that allows you to grow quickly, smoothly, and with picture-perfect technique (there are YouTube videos out there that can show you the exact technique you should be working with like this one) – literally just enough to slow you down without making you feel as though you are going to blow a gasket at any moment.

Other tips and tricks you need to be aware of

There are other tips that you should keep top of mind when you use a rowing machine, and here are some of the very best.

  • Slow and steady in the early stages, trying to perfect technique and create fluid movements
  • Always – ALWAYS – keep your elbows in close to your body
  • Never – NEVER – “round” your back
  • Use your legs to drive